Back Looks New, Here’s 5 Simple Tricks Recycling Old Clothes


Have a lot of old clothes stock but all looks boring? You can try this old clothing recycling trick to keep it fashionable without having to spend money. Instead of constantly following an endless trend using your old clothes, right?

In addition to being new, this simple shirt recycling trick can also control your outrageous shopping hobby, you know. Very suitable, right for you who are confused with old clothes in the closet.

1. Bored with old clothes with long sleeves? Just roll it!

Of the many old clothes you have, a sweater with a long-sleeved model must be at least one in the closet, right? Continuously using a model like that is boring and seems stiff, isn’t it?

To overcome this, you can roll some of the sleeves of the clothing up to the elbows and your long sleeves no longer look monotonous. To make it more fresh, you can add complementary accessories such as bracelets or pouches . For subordinates, you can choose a skirt for a classic but sweet look or denim for a more boyish look .

2. T-shirts are always the best for old clothes to be fresh

Tips for recycling the next shirt, if you have patchwork left over, don’t throw it away, okay? Patchwork can make your old clothes look new, you know . The model is full of style and color will make old clothes look different.

The trick is to form several models of patchwork and then sew on some parts of old clothes that you think need refreshment. Like a pocket or make a variety of colors in denim pants with the help of this patchwork. Adjust to your needs. Guaranteed patchwork can be a savior of your old clothes.

3. Old blazers can be elegant with the style attached


Wearing a blazer to the office may look formal but not anymore, you can change the style to be casual and fashionable by recycling the blazer trick above. No need to be worn officially but you can try wearing a  blazer with a blouse or turtle neck.

Viola! make you look more elegant. There’s no reason anymore, the old blazer is out of date. You can be creative with old blazers becoming a new style.

4. Create old clothes by giving a knot

Not only is it rolled up, your old clothes that have a T-shirt style can also give a new and fashionable impression by forming a bow knot. Although it seems simple, but you can wear old clothes with tips on recycling these clothes as often as possible. Your old clothes don’t even pile up in the closet. Skirt subordinates can also support your appearance so it looks cute.

5. Add a belt already makes old clothes look new

A simple trick to make old clothes seem new and fashionable is to add a wide belt at the waist. By using a wide belt, you can make a waist silhouette that is formed so that other people who look at you are not too focused on the old clothes, instead, they will focus on the accessories you wear.

Clothing models such as lace dresses are really suitable, especially if you wear a stiletto belt, super cool!  Not just an improved appearance, but the wearability of old clothes is also increasing. So it’s a win-win solution, right ?!

If you have a lot of old clothes, you don’t need to buy a new one. The key is to explore enough and skillfully recycle old clothes with a variety of tricks above. Come on, starting from today.

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