Before It’s Too Late, Here Are 13 Ways to Manage Money in Your 20s Let Me Not Mess

How about how to manage money for us, who are only in our 20s? In a desire to buy it is still big, but the desire to invest also began to emerge. Can you do it, balance managing income and expenditure? The problem is really feeling that we are still difficult to sort between needs and desires.

Do not be pessimistic just yet, in your 20s like now is a golden time to learn to manage the contents of the wallet, you know. Moreover, by implementing strategies and ways to manage money as below:

1. Plan Your Financial Future


From the next year to several decades into the future, it never hurts us to have a target to be motivated to work.

2. Create a budget and meet your needs independently

Now, we already have our own income. Come on, find out what your needs are by making a  budget  and expenditure items.

3. Write Your Expenses Every Day, Income, and Expenses Are Already Balanced?


Re-evaluate if the peg is bigger than the pole. If your income is greater than expenses,  good. 

4. Buy Goods by Seeing Urgency

Is changing the  latest gadget  really to support your work? If for the sake of prestige alone, you should postpone first, yes.

5. Well, if so, make a  list  and plan before shopping, yes


Be more controlled, plus actually shop for the items needed. Yeay

6. Many Are Not Aware of How to Manage This Money: Avoid Impulsive Spending by Learning to Delay Fun

At first it was uncomfortable. But try it, slowly delay the fun , and you will be more rational not easily tempted.

7. Quarterly and Annual Needs Don’t Forget to Enter the List

Such as vehicle service  needs  , rented money, and holiday needs. If the nominal calculations are pretty good, yes. Well, you can slowly save up every month , here.

8. Emergency Funds Don’t Forget!


Whatever can happen every second, every day, every moment. We will never know when disaster will come. Although a little, set aside money for emergency funds.

9. Take advantage of Facilities As Employees And Entrepreneurs

Choose an option as an entrepreneur, take advantage of the addition of venture capital facilities for the development of your business.

If you as an employee, take advantage of the benefits as a worker in your office well. Bonuses, training facilities, benefits, and health insurance just in case.

10.  Upgrade Skills  for Career Development

Science continues to develop, so does your work. Come on, be another worker from another with the added value and potential you have.

11. Although Still Young, Prepare the Pension Fund is Not Wrong, How come


At dusk later, we are not as strong as we are today. Now, we can prepare for retirement from now on so that one day we can enjoy old age peacefully.

12. Clean Up Fortune by Sharing

Part of our fortune, there are rights for people in need. Sharing also trains us to be sincere and grateful.

13. No lag,  Budget Me Time  To Keep You Happy

Appreciation of one’s own hard work is legitimate. But, it must be measurable and not excessive, yes.

Come on, let’s apply together how to manage this good money. Of all, how many ways have you done it ?

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